Jackets personify the wearer and with the Aviator Jacket, it is without question that it is the man’s man of coats. Not only does it make a statement about their wearer, but it’s now reached iconic status thanks to films; Top Gun, Rebel without a Cause and Indiana Jones.

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An icon of rebellious youth, the aviator jacket is a design that’s been built to last. Although at first glance the design has all the trappings of decorative outerwear, its splayed shearling collar is the very antithesis of sartorial minimalism. The aviator jacket has stood the test of time to become one of outerwear’s most conspicuous icons.

Much like its close cousin, the bomber jacket, the very first aviator jackets (or A2 jackets) were designed with warmth and function in mind. With that being said, here’s our guide how to wear the Aviator Jacket…


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