So you’re back at Uni, your student loan has hit your account and you’re looking for some new threads. You haven’t got a Prada budget though, more like Primarni, but don’t worry we have everything you need here at Tokyo Laundry to make sure you start Uni in style. Whether you are looking for a black bomber jacket mens to keep you warm on the way to lectures, or underwear you can bulk by so you never have to wash them, here are the University wardrobe essentials you need to buy to make sure you look sharp from Monday to Sunday.


First things first. When you turn up on your first day of lectures the last thing you want to look like is a drowned rat! So you need to grab yourself one of our windbreaker jackets which are also shower proof. Not only will they keep you warm and dry, but you can scrunch them up small and stick them in your bag during lectures – no harm done.

DSC_6375 (1)

Conroy Packaway Windbreaker Jacket >

Bomber Jacket

For those days when the windbreaker just won’t do, you need to grab a streamlined bomber jacket that will see you from autumn, through winter and into spring. Unlike the rest of your mens summer jackets not only is it warm and cosy, but it is also lightweight and packs down small as well.

Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt

You can’t have too many t-shirts we say, because let’s face it you will probably wear one every day around campus. Why? Well, you can wear them on their own, under a shirt, or under a jumper – versatile or what? So, make sure you have plenty of crew neck t-shirts – we have made it even easier for you actually, because we now sell them in packs of three for less than £15! In muted colours, they will go with anything you choose to wear, and you will even look great in them down the gym!

Tokyo Laundry Koppelo (3 Pack) T-Shirts in Optic White Light Grey Marl Dk Navy 1Q11467 (0) Tokyo Laundry Koppelo (3 Pack) T-Shirts in Hunter Green Aubergine Black 1Q11467A (0)

Koppelo (3 Pack) Crew Neck T-Shirts >

Long Sleeve Shirts

The long-sleeve cotton shirt is one of the most underrated items in a student’s wardrobe, according to us. It fits right into that sweet spot between casual and smart also known as smart-casual! Wear over your t-shirt for added warmth during the day, with the top button undone down the pub, or even with a tie for a more formal occasion. It is also your secret weapon for those days when you have overindulged the night before, just throw it on and it will instantly make you look less dishevelled. Ta-dah!

1H11616 Hadleigh in Red (1) 1H11616 Hadleigh in Red (2)

Hadleigh long sleeve checked shirt >

Dark Wash Jeans

Now this is probably a really obvious thing to say but make sure you have some great jeans in your wardrobe. Not the washed-out ripped ones you’ve been wearing for the past ten years, but some slim-fitting dark jeans that are ultra-flattering. Not only are they a classic item that will work with whatever you are wearing on the top, but they are sure to last you through the three years you are completing your degree and beyond.


You will probably live in joggers and jeans to be honest, but you would be wise to purchase a pair of chino trousers as well. Stick them on with one of your crew neck t-shirts on a lazy day or pair with a long-sleeved shirt for a more preppy vibe. Plus, if all else fails they are something to wear when all your other trousers are in the wash!

White Trainers

These are a no-brainer purchase as they are the most versatile trainer you will ever own. The stripped back design means they work with casual and formal outfits, and they look high end without having the high-end price tag.

Dessert Boots

You can probably get away without a formal pair of shoes at Uni, until you graduate at least, but a pair of dessert boots is a good buy as you will get a lot of wear out of them. Look as good with jeans as they do with formal trousers – you can wear them on loads of different occasions.


You will be doing lots of running around during your degree – running to lectures, running to grab a mid-day snack and running onto the dance floor on a Friday night! So, make sure you protect your feet with some cotton rich socks and these will help keep foot odour at bay as well!


One of the main things that will happen while you are at Uni (hopefully) is that you will grow up. And this means leaving your comic character, holey boxers behind and investing in some more sophisticated pants. Our 2 pack’s offer real value for money, as well as being stylish.

Tokyo Laundry Brightlingsea Boxer Shorts in Mauve Dusty Blue 1P11409 (0)Tokyo Laundry Brightlingsea Boxer Shorts in Blue Bird Light Grey Marl 1P11409 (0)Tokyo Laundry Brightlingsea Boxer Shorts in Mid Grey Marl Yellow Iris 1P11409 (0)

Brightlingsea (2 Pack) Boxer Shorts Set >


You will be carrying around books, a laptop, and your phone on a daily basis so why not do it in style with one of our practical backpacks. It will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe, and also be tough enough to withstand some wear and tear. 

3A11873 Sena in Navy  Ivory Almond Blossom (3)

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Tokyo Laundry Claremont Bag in Pink 3W12206 (1)Tokyo Laundry Claremont Bag in Black 3W12206 (1)Tokyo Laundry Claremont Bag in Stone 3W12206 (1)

Claremont Backpack >


Grab your student wardrobe essentials at Tokyo Laundry today and style them in a way that makes them your own. You can even grab a womens puffer jacket for your girl as a goodbye present. We’ve got everything you need to make the right impression first time.