Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know that ‘90s style is huge right now, and puffer jackets in particular are – to use an expression that makes us cringe – bang on trend.

We don’t need to see the figures to know that one of these cosy, plushy gifts from fashion heaven is the fastest way to gain style points in a second and make your outfit go from drab to fab. EVERYONE who is anyone is wearing them (well they will be when you buy one).

But look at the figures anyway, because it’s crazy! This screenshot is from Google Trends and it shows that interest in puffas has sky-rocketed since 2004.


Now that’s a stat to give you confidence. Read on for our round-up of quilted catwalk style that will make you drool, as well as babelicious celebs and bloggers to give you added inspo for pulling off this blast from fashion’s past.

London Fashion Week SS18: Burberry

Supermodel Aaliyah owned the Burberry runway for SS18 London Fashion Week, rocking this checked, tie-dye padded jacket. She’s probably smiling because she’s planning to take it home and who can blame her.



 Gigi Hadid Living Her Best Life

Never one to shy away from the limelight when it comes to her sense of fashion, Miss Hadid looked absolutely gorgeous in her longline, oversized puffa. Hail Queen of athleisure in her peach kicks.



Bella Hadid: PSG vs Real Madrid

There’s never one Hadid without the other when it comes to smashing the latest trends. In stark contrast to Gigi’s millennial pink however, Bella donned a patent black style for the PSG vs Real Madrid game in Paris.



Blogger Jiawa Liu of Beige Renegade: SS18 London Fashion Week

Jiawa Liu used to be a lawyer by day but she loves fashion and damn, can she dress herself. Here she is during London Fashion Week 18, looking fly in a burnt orange quilted jacket. The creator of Beige Renegade, Jiawa shows us that sports luxe isn’t the only way to style your puffa.




Where Did Puffer Jackets Come From?

You’re right to ask. For those of us that maybe don’t remember ‘90s fashion, it’s like they just appeared out of nowhere.

They were actually invented in 1936 for a way more practical reason than we wear them today. After contracting hypothermia during a fishing trip, Eddie Bauer put his thinking cap on and “The Skyliner” was born. We prefer calling them puffas TBQH.

For 82 years and counting, this style has been picked up and dropped in different fashion sub-cultures throughout the Western world and here we are again, living possibly the biggest quilted hype yet.

3J10968C Honey 2 Pastel Lilac (2)

Puffer jackets are the outerwear of 2018, no mistake, and you can style them a million different ways to make sure your look speaks your language. Shop the collection at Tokyo Laundry today and find yours.