We love a great Kids Christmas Jumper here at Tokyo Laundry, and we have some great ones to choose from, but this year we are doing something a little different. We are asking you, our lovely customers, to please get involved in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 14th December.

What is Christmas Jumper Day?


You may have heard your mates talking about Christmas Jumper Day and thought what’s all that about? I’m not wearing a daft jumper for nobody! But we would really love it if you would. Save the Children are asking you to do so as they want your help to create a brighter future for children the world over. And that is something you can get behind surely?

Whether you pull on your womens Christmas Jumper at home, at work, on the School run or down the pub – wherever you wear it it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get involved.

How Do You Get Involved?

All you have to do is head on over to the Save the Children website, sign up online and they will send you out a FREE fundraising pack which is crammed with ideas to help make the day fabulous. Then you just need to tell everyone you know about it, and make sure they have begged, borrowed or bought a Christmas Jumper in time for Friday 14th December.

Everyone who gets involved and wears a jumper should donate £2 (or £1 if they are still at School)- and there are lots of ideas in the fundraising pack to help you if you decide that you would like to raise even more funds for this super cause. Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • Bauble the Boss or Tinsel the Teacher! Choose two outrageous over the top Christmas jumper for your boss or teacher, and display them somewhere where everyone can see them and people them to vote for their favourite by popping some coins into the adjacent jar. The one with the most coins in wins, and that is the one your boss/teacher has to wear!
  • Carol-oke! Who doesn’t love a good old sing-a-long, especially when it involves carols? Ask people to donate money if they want to take part.
  • Craft sale. Baking not your thing, then show off your crafting skills instead. Save the Children have a great ball of yarn cupcake make that you can make and sell.
  • Xmas Sweepstake. Get in touch with other businesses in your area and ask them to donate prizes for a Xmas Sweepstake, with people having to chip in to play.

As you can see there are lots of ways you can encourage people to donate, and raise money to save children’s lives.

How Your Money Helps

Now you may be thinking that your £2 won’t go far, but did you know that just £2 is enough to pay for antibiotics to treat five children who are suffering from pneumonia – one of the biggest killers today.  Pneumonia is a deadly disease as it can block the airways very quickly, but in 2017 Save the Children’s health and nutrition programmes saved over 10.7 million children.

Your money might also go into funding Let’s Read clubs which are aimed at making sure that all children leaving school can read – an essential skill that we all need. In 2017 Save the Childrens education programmes reached over 842,000 children.

There are lots of great causes that Save the Children get involved in, and so Christmas Jumper Day is a great way to raise money for them.

Luckily for you we have lots of different Christmas jumpers here at Tokyo Laundry, so here is our round up of some of our favourites:


For men we also have the “Chillin with my Snowies” jumper, and the “Tangled” Reindeer jumper as well as well as lots of others to choose from. For the bolder among you we have the LED light up novelty jumper in Black which has a motion sensor built in! Or you could go for our Elf Novelty jumper which features a hood with a pom pom on top – guaranteed to score you extra style points. You could also go for the “Team Santa” or “Team Rudolph” jumper, depending on where your loyalties lie! For something a bit more modern, there is the Santa Paper Novelty jumper or our Telephone Box novelty jumper.

mens_07 mens_08 mens_09

mens_12 mens_13 mens_14


We haven’t forgotten the ladies either, with a wide range of ladies Christmas jumpers as well. For those of you who like a tipple at Christmas we have the “Gin-gle bells” Christmas jumper, the “Prosecco” 2 in 1 reversible sequin Christmas jumper, and the “Prosecco/Presents” 2 in 1 reversible jumper as well. One to raise a smile is the “The Cat Did It” jumper featuring a dog tangled up in Christmas lights – with a very cheeky look on his face. We also have a couple of other novelty jumpers including a cute “Oh Deer” black one, and a sequined bauble one. For those of you want something a little different, we also have a grey sweatshirt featuring a jolly glitter motif.




For boys we have an awesome Tangled Novelty Jumper which features a reindeer who has Christmas lights tangled in his antlers! It is also available in blue and red so should suit most people. Another one of our favourites is the “Express your Elf” black jumper with a super funky elf on the front, and there is also a fun “Chillin’ with my Snowies” jumper which is sure to make them laugh. If you’re after something more traditional, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered – with our ‘Snow Paper jumper featuring a fair isle pattern, snowflakes and snow men.

boysjumpers_07 boysjumpers_08 boysjumpers_09

So, whether you want to support Save the Childrens Christmas Jumper day, or you just want something a little fun to wear this holiday season, Tokyo Laundry have the Kids, Womens and Mens Christmas Jumpers you need.  Christmas Jumpers are currently 30% OFF right now to snap them up before the big day!