So how many of us actually treat ourselves to new underwear?  Most of the time our partners buy us new underwear or we wear the same old underwear that we’ve had for years.  Why is this?

It’s all about confidence. Feeling good in your underwear oozes confidence. As Tom Ford once said “throw away your old socks and underwear every six months”, this is to change with the times, the style and to improve how you look. On a daily basis we’re all looking on how to improve ourselves.

Mens underwear has changed from the material, style and fit, all to suit the modern day man.  There are now so many styles of underwear from the famous budgy smugglers and mankinis (slingshots) to the boxer shorts and briefs.

If you’re a retro stylish kinda guy, then our new AW15 Le Shark underwear collection is for you. It echoes the retro 80’s and 90’s vibe with its rock and roll vintage designs such as gingham, block colours, bold prints and Geometric patterns.





If you’re more casual and like to keep it on the down low we have a range of signature Tokyo Laundry boxer shorts with our classic branding on the waistband to give it that authenticity with contrasting colour ways in a range of colours depending on how loud you want to be.




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