Well, we’re not really sure what the weather is doing this summer are we? One minute its hot for weeks on end and the next the rain is back with a vengeance! So, it’s probably about time you nailed summer layering if you haven’t already. Dressing for hot days can be tricky because lets’ face it, we’re just not used to it really! Don’t worry though, here at Tokyo Laundry we are layering experts and we have tonnes of long sleeve tops, lightweight jumpers and so on to help you tackle summer dressing once and for all!

You will probably agree that we haven’t seen an English summer like this one for a long time! We are loving the hot weather, although it has highlighted one common thing about our wardrobes – we just don’t have enough warm weather clothing in them! If you are anything like us, you probably started off by wearing your “holiday clothes” and by now you are getting pretty sick of wearing the same thing day in and day out, no? Well never fear, Tokyo Laundry are here to help you introduce some clever layering pieces and accessories into your wardrobe to change your look up with the smallest amount of hassle possible. Are you ready?

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The Tops

Let’s start with the top half of your outfit:

  • Vests – great to wear on their own or layer them up under a shirt, jumper or hoody
  • T-shirts – again wear them on their own, or layer them under a shirt, jumper or hoody
  • Polo shirts – stylish on their own, but also work well over a long-sleeve top or under a v-neck jumper
  • Long Sleeve Tops – perfect layering option for wearing under or over other tops in your wardrobe
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve shirts – great for adding colour and pattern to your wardrobe, while allowing you to wear a vest under and cardigan over to wear them into the autumnal months as well


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The Trousers

Not many workplaces these days allow shorts in the workplace, so perhaps its best to keep them for the weekend. So maybe its time to break your jeans or chinos out. Jeans and chinos work all year round, and are perfect for dressing up or down depending on what you wear up top and on your feet. You can wear them with sliders, trainers, loafers or boots depending on the weather forecast. Stick on a t-shirt for a casual feel, throw over a shirt for a smarter look and keep a sweatshirt handy in case it gets cold.


You know that you are in the last days of summer when we start to talk about jackets again! This changeable weather means that having a lightweight jacket around is a sensible option but make sure it’s the right jacket. Bomber jackets are bang on trend at the moment and we have lots of different options for you, in a variety of thicknesses. Lightweight raincoats are also a great option as they will keep you dry in any summer shower but won’t make you overheat too much. Great for wearing over shorts and a t-shirt, and look just as good with a short sleeve shirt and jeans.


OK, OK so bags aren’t traditionally viewed as a layer, but the backpack is a style staple for any man – no matter what your personal style preference is. The great thing about the backpack is it is not only stylish but functional too! There are lots of different colours available too so whatever your vibe is, you should be able to find a bag to match. The backpack is a great bag for summer, as it not only has a universal feel but it gives you options for carrying your layers around so that you can look smart whatever the weather!

How to layer this summer

So to round up what we have learnt:

  • British weather is unpredictable, especially in summer, so make sure you have some layering options in your wardrobe
  • Vest, polo shirts and long sleeved tops are great options to layer up with other pieces in your wardrobe when the sun goes in
  • Put the shorts to the back of the wardrobe, and grab your chinos or jeans instead
  • Jackets are important, especially raincoats, and they are great for layering to make sure you are always at the right temperature

We hope that this article has given you some summer layering style inspiration, and help you to make any look work. At Tokyo Laundry we have everything you need – from mens boxer shorts to borg lined sweats – to make sure you get through the summer with ease.