Holiday Packing. Why do people make such an issue of it? It’s easy right? Just throw in some tees, a couple of pairs of joggers and you’re done. Or are you? Actually, if you’re anything like us you will probably overpack – it’s a well-known fact. It’s that age-old question: what if? What if I get invited to a black-tie dinner? What if I bump into my ex? What if I get invited onto a yacht? And so on. Now you see why packing is not so easy! It is frankly impossible to predict exactly what’s going to happen while you are on foreign shores, so unless you have unlimited baggage allowance and a Mary Poppin’s type trick bag, you are going to have to make some packing sacrifices!

So, how are you supposed to pack for a holiday? Our years of holiday experience have taught us that it is better to break down your bag and pack staple items. Whatever holiday you have planned, a tropical holiday, a cultural city break, or a fly and flop to your favourite beach, we’ve pulled together a list of the essentials you need to make your holiday shopping much less stressful.

Beach Break

beach1 beach2 

If you are thinking of partying in Ibiza, exploring Jamaica or even winding down in Mexico then you are going to be spending your time on some seriously stunning beaches and enjoying some red-hot sunshine.  To make sure your holiday goes as planned you will need:

  • • Passport
  • • Visa (depending on where you are heading)
  • • Travel Insurance Documents
  • • Driving Licence (if you intend to hire a car, or just as extra identification)
  • • Plane tickets
  • • Details of your hotel booking
  • • Debit/Credit Card
  • • Phone
  • • Phone charger (how many times have we forgotten this?)
  • • Clothes (see below)


Actually this list is pretty much what you will need for any type of holiday, but specific things you will need for a beach break are:

  • • Sun cream – we don’t want to sound like your mum but you need it on! There is nothing worse than waking up from a nap by the pool to a bright red chest. Ouch.
  • • Insect repellent – big red bites are not attractive on anyone. On anyone.
  • • After sun – helps to prolong your tan


Cultural City Break

city1 city2

City breaks always make us think of art galleries, beer and good food. Whether you are heading to Rome to sample some gelato, to Amsterdam to cycle, or to Paris for some sightseeing, you need to be prepared for an enjoyable and engaging treat for all of your senses.

If your city break is booked, and you are thinking about what to pack, make sure you include:

  • • Some type of jacket – now I know when you think of holidays you don’t necessarily think of jackets but the weather in Europe can be unpredictable so it always better to be safe than sorry
  • Comfy trainers – more often than not sightseeing means walking for hours so make sure you pack your comfiest pair to keep your feet protected while you are on your travels
  • Swimwear – although you may not be heading to the beach, many city centre hotels have rooftop pools and you wouldn’t want to miss out.


Capsule Holiday Wardrobe

Wherever you’re heading this summer, the actual clothes you are going to pack won’t change much. So here’s our list of the holiday essentials you need to pack for your lad’s break:


  • • 7 pairs of boxer shorts – one for every day yes. None of this turning them inside out and back to front malarky. Just put on clean everyday!
  • • Two pairs of swim shorts – so you always have a dry pair to put on
  • • Two T-shirts – a white one and a coloured one. Wear them on alternate days and everyone will think you have a wardrobe of t-shirts with you! You can fox them even more and slip a denim shirt or jumper of them as well!
  • • Two vests – for those days when its too hot for even a t-shirt!
  • • A soft denim shirt – the most versatile shirt of all. Wear it buttoned up at night, or loose with the sleeves rolled up by the pool. Awesome
  • • Black jeans – Yes black, not indigo. Bear with us on this. If you wear black jeans, from a distance they can look like smart pants. So if you do get invited somewhere swanky you are more likely to be able to get in. No need to thank us!
  • Hoods or Sweats – because even though you might not need a jumper, its always good to have one to hand so that you can lend it to your girl when she gets cold!
  • • A pair of classic white slip on trainers – work with jeans and work with shorts, and you don’t have to tie any laces.


Of course these are just our suggestions, you can take any Tokyo Laundry clothing with you you like, even long sleeve tops men if you want! If you want to start your holiday wardrobe shopping then get on over to our site today, we currently have free uk delivery (when you spend over £30) and 20% of your next order when you sign up to our newsletter.