There are so many different trends out there this season it can be hard to keep up with every single one.

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, then Instagram is always a pretty good place to start.

We browsed The ‘Gram to see who is nailing the streetwear trend in 2018 and we’ve come up with a list of 15 Grammers that we know you’re gonna love.

Combining streetwear, chic wear and well, every kind of wear, we’ll hand over to these guys and let them show you how it’s done.



Katelan – @katelanpell

Athleisure queen Katelan Pell effortlessly combines different bold streetwear pieces to make the most stylish casual outfits, and does so whilst making sure her little one is kitted out in the cutest outfits as well.

There is no doubt about it; she is the most stylish streetwear mum around. We’re really feeling those sporty vibes off you Katelan.

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My summer wardrobe > My winter wardrobe, who agrees?

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Felix – @felixcartal

Fresh, relaxed and casual. All adjectives used to describe not only Felix Cartal’s Instagram, but also his style.

Felix knows how to flex new garms with his ability to make a simple outfit so urban and effective.

Whether it be an oversized hoody with some relaxed joggers or a trendy trench coat with some basic jeans, Felix’s style has us craving that cold weather so we can rock the classic streetwear vibes too.


lost in new york city (📷 @federicaphotography)

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Tracy – @lilblackgxrl

A true glam goddess in her own right, Tracy Valentine knows how to master the concept of a clean Instagram theme.

She combines chic with sport to portray such an effortless sense of style, and by using simplistic pieces for the base of her outfit and a single statement piece, we think it’s safe to say Tracy is definitely a style icon.


Jessie – @jessiebergg

A true vintage queen, Jessie Berg is the perfect example of how to knack that ‘90s style.

With her unique way of spicing up a basic garment by combining multiple retro pieces, Jessie really knows how to pull on our nostalgic heartstrings with her ‘80s and ‘90s sweetheart vibes, and we definitely consider this streetwear sista one of our Grammer style icons.



my hair color changes every week idk

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Liam – @lixmheeley

If you’re looking for some athleisure inspo, then look no further than Liam Heeley.

He really does know how to dress, whilst some pieces on his Instagram are monochrome and muted, this doesn’t stop him from rocking every outfit he puts together.

The guy also knows how to pull off a bold pullover – Liam, you really show us how to style simple pieces so well. We’re so here for that.

Carlos – @mamaslovelos

Style-conscious Carlos knows what’s what when it comes to the latest trends, and this totally reflects in his Instagram; he knows how to ensure his crep collection is as fresh as can be.

This California King expresses his passion for shoes and fashion by taking the coolest shots of his designer streetwear outfits, providing his followers with edge and style throughout his posts.



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Nicole – @nicolehalada

A true high-end fashion queen, Nicole Halada shows us via her Insta how style really highlights who you are.

She can pretty much pull off any outfit; from patterned to plain, bold to basic, chic to street, Nicole has really stolen our retro hearts.

 She has the perfect knowledge on how to combine the aesthetic of modern streetwear with classic styles, making her look like she’s straight off the runway.


pretty in pink 🌸

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Zack – @zackbia

Trying to think of someone who just has a natural style that screams streetwear? You’re probably thinking of Zack Bia.

If you are looking for some inspo for high-end designer pieces, Zack knows how to style and dress well. Bold pieces and colours are what make up his look, and in his pictures he really exuberates style and creativity.

Be bold like Zack, we say.


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Liv – @livvargus

The up-and-coming YouTuber Liv Vargus really does know how to style, and this shows throughout her clean and chic Insta.

Her style is so effortless, and she has the ability to put a variety of looks together; whether it be a sporty athleisure vibe or a cute casual look, Liv knows what she’s doing when it comes to not only style, but fitness as well. Liv, keeping doing you, we love it!


take a step back and look at all the beauty surrounding u today ♡

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Beth – @march_beth

Being bold and chic don’t have to be two separate trends.

 If you’re looking for someone who really knows how to incorporate different aspects of certain trends into one outfit, look no further than Beth March.

This Insta girl is a fashion student – you can really tell in the way that she shows us how being bold and chic don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


Happy Easter to everyone apart from that bloke who’s ruined my photo 🐰🤪

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Rhuigi – @rhuigi

Not only does he have the coolest streetwear style, he also has street cred by the bucket load.

Rhuigi Villaseñor turned his streetwear passion into a reality by designing his own high-end range of the ultimate luxe streetwear collections.

 The effort that goes into each outfit in Rhuigi’s posts is immense – each outfit consisting of at least one designer piece, Rhuigi knows how to get heads turning with his creative style and concepts.

Jordan – @jordanmccabe_x

A perfect Insta feed and a perfect style, what more could you want?

Jordan McCabe has the ultimate style goals, with her classic but contemporary fashion sense, she is always on-trend and stylin’ it out better than the rest. Her Insta really does give us life, it’s so clean and chic. We love it, Jordan!


Mood on the weather turnaround where is the sun I’m cold

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Alexander – @andrewalexanders

Fashion is all about expressing your inner self on the outside, and your way of showing the world who you really are.

Alexander Andrew Andrade does this perfectly. His quirky taste and indie vibes really express who he is and what he’s into, music, fashion and aesthetic wise.

His unique street style is eye-catching and something that we really love; it’s inspiring us to be true to our inner selves!


@swaggyp1 a legend LA & The Bay !

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Jessica – @ironic_jess

Not only does Jess know how to work the camera, but she also knows how to work her style. It’s clearly noticeable that every detail in every outfit that she puts together is deliberate, but somehow she makes it look so effortless.

The fashion-orientated blogger can turn a simple classic look into an outfit that is contemporary and make streetwear look chic, all whilst writing a bomb blog for her followers to enjoy.

Suzette – @suzettemaritz

With an Insta feed to absolutely die for, Suzette Maritz is totally going to be a big Instagrammer in no time.

 Her style is so classic yet you can totally see how she’s inspired by modern day looks as well. It’s definitely incorporated into each outfit she wears.

Suzette is deffo not afraid to be bold with her colour choice or patterns either, as she can rock any garment that is sent her way. She inspires us to be even more creative with our pattern choices!

Is that enough inspiration for you?! Are there any other Grammers who are smashing the style game who should make our list? Check out our own Instagram or head over to our Facebook page for all the latest from our Blog.