After one of the hottest summers on record, the weather has finally changed and Autumn is here, bringing with it a brand-new set of trends for us all to add to our wardrobes. Checking out the catwalks for the new season was awesome, there are lots of new ideas out there, from revivals of 80s styles to spins on classic British country looks. There are ideas on how to wear neon (it can look cool, honestly), and new ways to wear womens parka coats – so the only question is, which trend should I try first?

Wearing One Coat is so Last Season!

Why wear one coat when you can wear seven? Seriously. Seven coats – imagine how snuggly and warm you will be! Lots of designers, such as Balenciaga, Missoni and Simone Rocha showed ultra-layered looks on the catwalk featuring puffer jackets, capes, waterproofs, blanket scarves and so on. If the idea of all of the bulk scares you to death, then in the real world you could just pair a denim jacket with a windbreaker jacket in a contrasting colour. Snug and trendy. It’s a winner!

Animal Magic

If you haven’t noticed that animal print is a trend yet, then you must have been living under a rock! Animal print was all over the catwalk – and not just leopard, there was crocodile, python and zebra all mixed in as well. Some designers stuck to one print, while others mixed them up, so basically anything goes.

The most popular trend seems to be leopard print, but creeping up behind is snake. Try it on dresses, tops, jumpers, or even accessories. You could also take the trend literally and carry plastic animals as accessories. That will go down well in the pub on a Friday night.

80s Neon is Back

Prada went all out to brighten our lives by focusing on neon colours, but not in a garish way, more like a pack of highlighter pens. Keep the colours muted by focusing on fruit related shades such as lemon, lime and watermelon and mix with neutrals such as beige, gray or navy.

Revive your old Cardigan

The cardigan is seeing something of a revival as well, with classic grandad knits and teddy bear textures making an appearance on many of the catwalks.  During the day go for a brightly coloured oversized cardigan or wear one at night over a slinky dress (but remember to belt it around the waist).

Forget Black, this Season is Brown

Brown is the colour to be seen in this season – from tan to beige, there are all kinds of shades out there so just pick the one that suits your skin tone the best. You could also try mixing tones for a luxurious effect. Mixing textures also works well, try pairing a leather jacket with some tweed trousers and a satin shirt for a look that is straight off the catwalk.

Sequins go big!

We all love a bit of sparkle in the winter months, and the sequin is popular year after year. This year sequins have gone supersize though, and look amazing when you are shimmying around the dancefloor. Go big this party seasons with pearls encrusted sequin party dresses that help you to stand out from the crowd.

Remember your Heritage

Our beloved Queen loves a bit of Tweed, and lots of designers took inspiration from her country looks with tweed appearing in many of the most popular looks. Designers also took inspiration from the silk scarves her Majesty likes to wear, and printed the floral patterns all over their outfits.

Blanket Coverage

Scarves have got bigger and bigger, and this year the blanket scarf is the accessory to be seen in. Think big, dramatic and snuggly, and drape it around yourself artfully to create a stir. Use broaches to pin it, and belts to drag it in to create a different silhouette every time you wear it.

Eighties Fashion

Yes, power shoulders and ruffles are back – in a big way. But, the real difference in the 80s look this time around is the fabrics used. Shimmering lurex and foils in bright colours such as electric blue and hot pink are sure to see you through the party season in style.

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