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Think a blazer is associated with those old school days? Think again! Our range of men's blazers has something for you whether you're looking to accessorise a casual look of chinos and a polo shirt, or you need the ideal way to top off a formal outfit with a difference. A three button blazer is just what you need to finish off a smart look. Dark blazers perfectly top off a wide variety of outfits, ideally accessorising chinos, but also brilliantly complementing jeans or a pair of lightweight trousers.

There are times when a collar is called for in an outfit, so teaming a dark jacket with a shirt perfectly fits the bill, and will get you in to just about any occasion, no matter how formal or otherwise.

A blazer looks just the part when you need to top off an outfit from whatever you happen to have available, striking just the right balance between being formal and a look which is spot-on for standing out on a casual occasion. Our one, two, three or five-buttoned blazer styles offer great, relaxed shapes for topping off pretty much any combo, and you'll love choosing from our choice of colours, from conservative to right up to the minute.

When you browse through our range of men's blazers, you'll realise how they perfectly round off your outfit for any event.

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